Saturday, March 25, 2017

Aviation and Art

Last week, we got two breaks in our routine!  

Field trip to the Tennessee Museum of Aviation

A fellow homeschooling friend invited us to a field trip she was organizing at the Tennessee Museum of Aviation.  Since Michael has been studying flight in science and WWI in history, the timing was perfect.   

Tera and Daniel were given the privilege to walk around on their own during the in-depth talk on WWI.  I was struck by the realization that in the past Daniel would have had too much "energy" to be left to his own devices in a museum of this type.  But he explored and I didn't worry one bit.  I like this season of life! 

Wright brothers' full scale glider model

Michael did not want to look at me to get this picture.  He wanted to study everything in the cockpit, but there was a line and not that much time.  

We were starving when we were done.  So, we stopped at Sonic on the way home...

On Thursday, we stopped by the Clayton Center for the Arts to view the Synergy student and educator art exhibits.  

(I caught Tera at an off moment in this picture.  Despite the look on her face, this was one of her favorite paintings.)

We talked about which ones we liked most, which ones we didn't and why, then took our time looking around. 

Michael asked if he could sign the guest book.  As I looked over later, I saw his cute attempt at cursive and had to save the memory.  

Inspired by art...

Celebrity guessing game in French...

It was an out of the ordinary week for us which is just the type of weeks you need in the springtime! 

Friday, March 17, 2017


Yesterday was a whirlwind...gym, school, play date for Michael and I.  We came rushing in the door to get dinner on the table before Michael and I left for karate.  Then, I heard 5 wonderful words...

"I'll take Michael to karate."  

Oh my!  Those five words were music to my ears.  I needed some time just to unwind and relax.  I have quite a bit of anxiety over the last couple of weeks.  That little bit of time made the world of difference.  And the fact that JP had cleaned the crock pot I left in the sink overnight.  He was speaking my love language yesterday and I was so thankful for his gestures of love!


I had all these plans to do St. Patrick's Day activities with Michael, but I needed to get an oil change and my car looked over before a field trip next week.  After waking up really early to get out there, I didn't really have much left for extras when I got home.  I planned on pushing through, but Michael didn't seem interested either.  So, I just let it go!  He finished up his regular school work and we called it a day.  

St. Patrick's Day celebration consisted of watching Veggie Tales about St. Patrick, listening to Adventures in Odyssey about St. Patrick and JP picking up shamrock shakes for every one after fencing.  I guess I should count Lucky Charms for breakfast, maybe?

Michael is in bed, the older kids are watching a movie with some friends and I've loaded some new books on my kindle.  Glad the busy-ness of this week is winding down and looking forward to the weekend together. 

Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Wednesday is a rare treat in the middle of a busy week.  Only one chauffeuring duty. 

I've been working this week on adding times of quiet into my day.  After dropping Daniel off for his flute lesson, I stretched out in the car and waited.  Instead of running errands, I took that hour just to sit and be.  To read, write my daily Scriptures and soak in the warm sunshine on the coldest day we've had in over a month. 

I've kept the literal fire going today, but I'm still cold!  Other than keeping the fire going and school, I really cannot think of anything else I've accomplished today. 
Unless you count:

curling up under a cozy blanket while taking a nap

watching The Cosby Show with Tera and Michael

administering a portion of the ACT practice test and rewarding the efforts of quietness by the other two with pie

this blog post

warming up leftovers for dinner

Sometimes you need a day with no real accomplishments--a day just to let your mind and body rest.  I'm so thankful for a day like that today! 

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

"Pi" Day

Today, we celebrated "Pi" day in addition to our regular schoolwork.  Well, it was mainly Michael and I until the eating part at the end.   Michael has been under the weather with allergies since the end of last week, so school has been a struggle.  I basically had to sit down with  my proverbial thumb in his back to get through the day.  You won't see pictured a half-done word search that was on the verge of sending him over the edge.  Sometimes you just have to move on!  

We graphed...

Michael's Pi Day Grid Art....

Pi paper chain--Cut different colored strips of paper-a unique color for each number 0-9.  Assign each number a color and make a paper chain to match the digits of pi.  Michael made a paper chain that reflected the first 100 digits of pi. Then, he became a pi mummy.

Michael ended his school day by watching Duke and the Great Pie War.  

Dinner was pizza pie and no-bake cheesecake.

I think there are exactly 3.14 pieces of pie left for tomorrow!

I cannot remember where I got each of the resources we used, but most came from pinterest and TpT.  Check them out for some fun free "Pi" Day resources

Monday, March 13, 2017

Pushing Through

We are in our last 9 weeks of school or so trying to push through without taking a spring break.  So, I've tried to mix things up a bit! 

Michael exploring how molecules attract using cereal. 

French geography project by Tera

Daniel choose to do a book cover collage in the style of Matisse. 

Although we are back to winter weather, the kids and I enjoyed the outside a lot last week.

Biology projects

We will be celebrating "Pi" day tomorrow and St. Patrick's Day on Friday.  Fun days like this help us to keep pushing on through for another week. 


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