Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Family Birthday

While Michael had his friend party, Daniel was performing in the "Rock to Bach" festival with his flute choir.  After JP and he returned, we ate pizza and they had birthday party food.  Then, Michael got to open his presents from us.  I would have liked to have waited for his actual birthday, but we are all running in opposite directions that day.  So, we had two "parties" in one day.  

A couple of things happened before Michael's friend party.  We surprised him with this huge Lego Classic set (Thank you Walmart for having some leftover after Black Friday for such a steal of a deal) to use for building at his party.  He was quite happy with that set as you can tell!  

The second was this:

I opened the package that contained the "Lego" style "Happy Birthday" banner.  Just a little problem with it, but we went with it and laughed our heads off.  (Well, I had to be convinced to go with it, but I'm glad I did!)  I think we will say "Harpy Bipthday" to each other from now on! 

Monday, February 18, 2019

Lego Birthday Party

We celebrated Michael's 10th birthday a little early over the weekend since his actual birthday falls in the middle of a week.   A LEGO themed birthday was perfect for a friend party.  


Pin the Head on the Minifigure

Basket of Legos-Stand behind the line and try to ring 5 Legos in the basket.

Lego spoon race-Transfer as many Legos as possible across the room using only a spoon in a minute.

Straw race-Suck up a Lego and transfer it to your plate.  

Tera made these cute Lego photo booth mini-fig heads for the party. 

Michael received such nice, thoughtful cards and presents from his friends.  He was truly thankful as you can tell by his expressions!

Lego challenges:

Name or initials
Make a box with a lid
Use oven mitts (or Lego mini-fig hands) and create a tower 5 Legos high
Build a tower as high as you can using only one hand
Grab a handful of Legos and see what you can make
Build a tower on top of a popsicle stick using only one hand

To quote Michael:  "It was a great party!" 


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