Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Week in Review--July 11-18th

Our garbage service just added a recycling route!  Woo Hoo!  Michael has been appointed the recycling deputy and takes out our recycling on a daily basis.  Just a way to give the youngest a bit more responsibility and his own unique "job".   For my birthday, Michael put took us on an "imaginary aquarium" tour complete with detailed descriptions and pictures of various sea animals. 

 School is definitely in full swing.  I will work on a curriculum post in the next week or so.   

We still go to the gym twice a week first thing in the morning.  Michael has a little friend there and they have started working on a book together.  Michael will be so sad when public school starts back.  I suggested he and his friend could be pen pals during the school year and he seemed to enjoy that idea.  

Daniel got sick at the later part of last week with the sinus crud that has taken out a different person each week for the past month.  Michael is the last man standing.  Since the doctor mentioned his blood work showed some "viral indicators" over two weeks ago, his immune system may have fought it off.  Or so we are hoping!

Even though he wasn't feeling well, Daniel had a great time painting rocks with Michael and I on Saturday.  We will go hide them in the community tomorrow evening sometime.   Painting and hiding rocks is big in our community right now as an act of showing kindness to others and having fun as a family.  What a great fad! 

I will leave you with this picture by Michael.   It makes my heart smile. 

Movin' on Up---Orange Belt

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

First Day of School 2017-2018

First Day of School

What I want to be when I grow up:   


 I've been taking this same picture since Daniel was in kindergarten.

I can't believe how these kids have grown.










Monday, July 10, 2017


Michael's reaction to my gift:  Finding Dory

We celebrated my birthday yesterday, so we could go on an adventure today.  JP and I have always loved quaint little tours of places. Usually the places we pick are not "exciting" according to other people, but you really can have a good time as long as you are together.   For my birthday, I picked to go tour Mayfield Dairy.   Who doesn't love ice cream?

Milking a cow is not easy...

I realized I don't look great in a hairnet!  

Included in your tour admission is a free scoop of ice cream and we upgraded to a double scoop for a buck more.  

As soon as the tour guide announced the Lemon Icebox flavor, I knew what I was getting.   Lemon Icebox Dessert and Peach.  The cones were HUGE!!!

While we were in the area, we swung by a prospective college Tera has been wanting to visit. The admissions office was in a meeting, so we walked around on our own for a bit.  After leaving, we realized it didn't feel like a good fit for Tera.  She agreed!  But we've got plenty of time!  

Lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant, tons of Facebook birthday messages, leftover ice cream cake and watching Moana (another present...I love that movie!)  It's been a good day to turn 43!  


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