Wednesday, August 31, 2016

8 weeks almost done...

We are coming up on completing EIGHT weeks of school.  I cannot believe it.  We will be taking a fall break soon and it is well-deserved and well-needed.  

I could look at all the things we didn't accomplish, but I will put aside my perfectionism and rejoice!  

Rejoice in:

fun cell projects
improvement in writing skills
perfect scores on biology tests
read alouds that I enjoy as much as Michael
trying new things
our French "le gouter" and weekly cultural activities
great, classic British literature
things that make us laugh and cry
Michael trying to take biology notes along with Tera and Daniel
healthy, active kids that enjoy exercise
finding balance
when the light bulb goes off and they finally, get it!

It's been a rewarding first eight weeks, only 28 more to go!  

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Daniel's Birthday

Reese's Peanut Butter Ice Cream Cake made by Tera.

Michael is very excited about one of the videos Daniel got for his birthday...

Chess and Liar's Dice

 JP messing around with my camera.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Happy 14th Birthday, Daniel!

Happy Birthday to our:

quantum physics-learning,
and now, tallest child

You have matured so much over this last year and 
we are so proud of the young man you are becoming!  

We love you more than words can express!

Happy 14th Birthday, Daniel!!!!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

These are the days

These are the days that make me love homeschooling.  The days where I do what my heart tells me to do versus what the plan dictates.  The days we encounter our subjects through art and good literature.  It's been a wonderful day.

We've worked on various cell projects this week: 

Cell murals found in Ellen McHenry's Cells unit study


Cell pizzas

Daniel's cell project-- a 3-D paper cell diorama

Today, we've listened to the rain fall and this Les Miserables radio drama.  I'm sad the rain has stopped and we must go about our busy-ness. 

These are the days that make all the other days bearable! 

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Sad bunch...

We had the kick-off event for our local homeschool group earlier this week.  Since I have taken over the communications coordinator (volunteer) position in our group, I had to give a "speech".  I was so worried I would do so horrible that people would wonder to themselves, "THIS is our communications person?"  It was a packed house and I am so glad I wrote out notes on the information I needed to cover.  I received lots of positive feedback on my talk and breathed a sigh of relief.  After the business meeting, the kids and I represented a couple of activities we are involved in outside.  Michael ran around with other kids and I thanked the Lord he didn't wander too far off. 

The next morning, Michael woke up sick from allergies.  He has battled with them all week long.  JP isn't feeling well (not connected to Michael) and is going to the doctor tomorrow.  Tera had an impromptu doctor's appointment on Friday to check on her wrist.  She was diagnosed with tendonitis and has to take 2 weeks off from fencing and other activities that irritate it.  Modified school work maybe a part of her recovery.  She is so sad about that!  Allergies or old age is effecting my eyesight--I'm having to move things back and forth to find the sweet spot if there is little print.  We are a sad bunch this week!  Daniel's only malady is his hair is too short from his much needed haircut. 

 Our new microscope came...

Since Michael and JP weren't feeling well, we cancelled our plans to have a few friends over at the last minute.  We had a nice "gouter" for French class.  

Tera's other cell project...

Daniel turned his cell model in, but then he took off with it before I could take a picture.  Daniel and I are working hard this year on his proofreading and editing skills.  He is a very creative writer, but needs some fine tuning.  We sit down with every writing assignment and walk through it one sentence at a time.  

Even though our plans with friends were cancelled, Tera and Daniel were invited to hang out on two separate occasions.  They welcomed getting out of the infirmary.  

I found out yesterday, a good friend that I went to school with from kindergarten to graduation, passed away.  He had been battling an incurable brain cancer and took a sudden turn for the worse.  He and I settled in the same part of the country and I had the privilege of visiting him in the hospital.  His passing has saddened me greatly.  I know he was a Christian and he is not suffering anymore, but it's still very sad.  No matter how old I get, it still doesn't feel right when someone "my age" passes away.  I've been thinking a lot about his family.  

My heart is heavy....

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Week 4--One Month!

One month complete....

My high school students are finally in their groove.  They are anticipating what needs to get done and getting on the ball early in the week.   There have been some frustrations.  Mondays and Tuesdays are the hardest.  Wednesdays, we kinda hold our breathe and plow on through.  Thursdays and Fridays, we breathe a sigh of relief. 

In biology, we are studying cells.  Michael always asks for his packet of papers--(biology coloring sheets, and special projects).  He's been working this week on cell organelles and functions flashcards that I intended for Tera and Daniel.  Works for me!

A make-your-own cell project was assigned and is due next week.  Tera did two projects--one for extra credit. (Yes, she can be an over-achiever).  Daniel will be working on his paper diorama this weekend.  Michael is doing either a shrinky dink version or a mini tin cell project that we found on pinterest, as soon as I get myself in gear and help him with it. 

Tera completed one of her cell projects early...sugar cookie cell

In British literature, we are finishing up the Middle English period and moving on.  Both, Tera and Daniel wrote epic poems on the life of David.  That was a hard assignment for both of them!  Next week, Flight of Israel tales and Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors.  

Michael and I have been reading Strawberry Girl by Lois Lenski and The Green Ember.  He wrote his first "paper" on the Battle at Valley Forge.  Tera taught him all about plagiarism and making sure not to copy another author's work.  
We finished up the week with French twists and watching a cultural video about Paris.  


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