Friday, March 27, 2015

"I Am..." Collage Art Projects

"I Am..." 
Collage art projects


Tons of Magazines
Scissors and glue


We had our kids draw a circle in the middle of an 8.5 x 11 piece of cardstock or scrapbooking paper.  (We traced a canning jar lid)

Using magazines, look for big color patterns.  Cut into "ray" shaped pieces coming from the center.  Glue to the paper and trim excess.  Alternate between smaller and larger pieces, keeping the larger pieces for the corners. 

Find words that describe yourself or complete the sentence:  I Am...

Glue those on top of your rays.

Write "I Am" in the middle of the paper. 

Another variation my daughter suggested to do:  "God is..."  Find words to describe the character of God.  This would be a great prayer station idea!

Original idea found here:
Hip Homeschool Moms

Monday, March 23, 2015

Fun Resources for Teaching Your Kids About Plants

plant collage

"The beginning of March has everyone ready for warmer weather, sunshine and beautiful things growing. BUT it’s still officially winter. One way we’ve found to deal with our need for spring is to study PLANTS!

Here are some resources to help SPRING along:"

I'm sharing some great resources for studying plants at Homeschool Mosaics today!

A-Z: Letter of the Week activities

Letter of the week activities:  

Letters A and B:  "A told B"

Letter C:  "B told C"

Letter D:  "D" is for Daisy, Dragon, Dog, Duck...
Letter E:  Eeeeee!
Letter F:  "F" Week
Letter G:  "G" week in review
Letter H:  "H"- Hobbit week

Letter I:  "I"
Letter J:  "J"
Letter K:  Kites, Keys, KSO
Letter L:  "L"
Letter M:  Ahoy...mateys!  It's "M" week!

Letter N:  Nope, no "N" week, not necessarily, "N" week
Letter O:  "O"
Letter P:  "P" activities
Letter Q:  Mind your Ps and Qs, or just your Qs!

Letter R:  Rockets, raccoons and rainbows
Letter S:  "S" week
Letter T:  "T"otally "T" week
Letters U and V:  That Kind of Week
Letter W:  Watermelon and wheel
Letters X, Y and Z:  XYZ and all the rest!


Hip Homeschool Moms

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Long Pier

My husband grew up fishing off of The Long Pier.  He couldn't believe it when the condo I found was within walking distance.  The price to fish off the pier has risen quite considerably, but this was his treat!  Grandma treated Michael and I.  Michael and I didn't stay long, but with an all-day pass you can  come back and forth. 

I was concerned that Michael was suffering from allergies and not quite alert that day.  I should have made him wear a life jacket.  I had visions of him not paying attention and plunging into the water below.  I would suggest watching small children closely if you visit The Long Pier. 

But he did catch a fish...a spiky headed catfish

The birds love the pier!

The same sign that's been there for 30 years...


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