Friday, June 29, 2018

Summer Bible Study Finale: Prayer Stations

Over the course of the spring and summer, Tera developed, designed and led a girl's summer Bible study on the topic:  Women of the Bible.  She set up a private Facebook group for the girls involved where she posted the daily readings and verse of the day graphics.  Every Friday the girls have met for breakfast and a time of fellowship and discussion regarding that week's chapters.  

There is nothing I like better than having a gaggle of girls gabbing away in my dining room about God's Word and whatever randomness comes to their minds.  

The study wrapped up today and Tera planned a pretty big finale in the form of prayer stations that reflected the lessons in the chapters the girls were studying this week.  We transformed the living room yesterday into a prayer room.  Then, as a family we went through the stations together last night as a trial run.  

Lydia:  A prayer station on salvation

Hannah:  A prayer station on fervent praise

Sarah:  A prayer station on God's promises

Hannah:  A prayer station on fervent prayer

 We loved going through this set of prayer stations Tera designed for her Bible study.  The girls that came today loved it, as well.  Overwhelmingly happy....

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Ten Things Tuesdays: Currents

Current Excitement:  We are planning a "staycation" vacation in a couple of weeks.  Unplugging and enjoying some time together.  A couple of day trips, my birthday and a whole lotta fun before starting back to school.  

Current Read:   Just finished, several enjoyable books:  The Penderwicks at Last and two of the Enola Holmes mysteries by Nancy Springer.  I've got a big stack of library books by my bed waiting for me.  

Current Watchlist:  The Great British Baking Show and America's Got Talent

Current Bible Study:   Working through Psalms 1-50 with a small group of ladies using the Good Morning Girls method.  

Current Thing that Brings Me Joy:  Postcards!  Michael and I are collecting postcards from the 50 states to go along with our geography study next year. My friends have been recruiting their friends to send us postcards.  

Current Annoyance:  Getting old and all the unpleasant changes that go with that!

Current Need:  Motivation to exercise EVERY day and raise the intensity of my current workouts.

Current Wishlist:  A Fitbit (see Current Need above)

Current Project:  Trying to finish up course expectation sheets for each of Tera and Daniel's classes next school year and assignment sheets for Michael.  And planning for a mini co-op we'll be doing with Michael and a friend twice a month.  So, basically school stuff.  

Current Randomnesses:  The kids have been checking out Star Trek seasons (the original series) from the library.    I love my weekly dinner out with JP.  My birthday is coming up and I'll be 44!  Every time someone asks me how old I am, I automatically have to do the math.  It's been stormy the last couple of days.  I've enjoyed the cooler temps and rain!  I tried a new supplement the same day we were outside a lot helping some friends move.  The next day I had a rash that looks a bit like a heat rash, but not quite.  So, now I'm waiting to take any more of the supplement until it goes away and I can see if that is what caused it in the first place.  Getting older stinks...(see Current Annoyance)

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Ten Things Tuesdays: Habits for a Better Me

Sometimes we get stuck.  
Stuck in bad habits, faulty thinking and the moody blues.  
Burned out or burning the candle at both ends.  

Personally, during those times I tend to gravitate to all the things I know are bad for me.  Skipping the good habits and indulging in the less than good ones.  Recently, I've made some steps to get past this stuck place I've been in for a while.  

I keep making lists of things I KNOW I need to do, but don't!  So, maybe if I list them here, I will feel more accountable to myself.  

10 habits for a better me:

1.  Unplug more

I do a lot of work from the computer for school planning, but I also waste a lot of time after my kids go to bed watching depressing British detective murder mysteries.  (See #4)  This is one I struggle with the most, so I'm working out how I can practically do this.  

2.  Healthy diet

More fish, less sugar, more fruits and vegetables.  Making sure to eat a balanced breakfast.  

3.  Water

I'm a pretty good water drinker, but I need to make sure I'm staying on top of my intake.  It's very easy to overshoot how much we actually drink during the day, especially during the summer.  

4.  Sleep

Going to bed earlier (See #1)--in bed no later than 10 PM and trying to get that back to 9 PM eventually. 

5.  Supplements

Taking fish oil supplements on a daily basis as "prescribed" by my doctor to help with mood and lots of other things women my age deal with.  

6.  Lighten-up

Boy, I need to laugh more.  Watch funny stuff.  Read some joke books.  Be spontaneous!   Practice giving thanks in all circumstances. 

7.  Sun

15 minutes a day to get some Vitamin D and raise my serotonin levels.

8.  Exercise

Increasing my exercise to include 3 days of strength training.  Tera is designing a workout for me!  Going for walks more.  Adding pool time to my routine.

9.  Devotions/Prayer time/Workbook

Ultimately, I really want to be spending more time in prayer and devotions than I do watching TV.  I NEED that time every day.  I NEED to be spending time working through a workbook dealing with emotional healing.

10.  Hobbies

Carving out time to blog, read and hike (when it's cooler).  

I love the thought of focusing on one of these habits a week, until I've added them all into my daily schedule.  No pressure, no stress.  Just one change at a time!  


Sunday, June 17, 2018

Father's Day 2018

Father's Day lunch on Saturday at Aroma Cafe

Tera delighted us with lots of homemade goodies...

Looking for a rarity in our coin jar...

I can honestly say I've never loved anyone as much as I love this man!  He is the best father on this earth to us!  

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Blue belt

It took a little longer to break his boards this time around...that dreaded back kick.  But Michael persevered and made it!   Smiles and cheers all around! 

Officially a blue belt...


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