Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Happy 14th Anniversary

Today is our 14th Anniversary. I am married to a wonderful man who takes such good care of me and our children. But he had to work tonight, which is a real bummer. I know we will celebrate later on the weekend (if he doesn't have to work overtime), but to be honest I was really down today. I am better now but it didn't help that I really haven't felt great this week and made Chili for lunch. Yeah, sounds like a winner, huh? It was in my opinion the worst pot I've ever made. JP had to doctor it before lunch. He liked it and so did the kids but it bothered me. I'm probably just being hard on myself that it didn't turn out as good as it usually does and the fact that it was our anniversary just made it worse. Oh well, life does go on.

Our 14 years have seen us through some wonderful and some trying times. I do believe our marriage is stronger today than it ever has been. We have worked through our different personality issues and most of the time overlook the other's faults. It is still hard at times but we have never let quitting be an option for us. When we took our vows, we meant the til death do us part stuff and we will keep on meaning it.

I love you, Honey HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!


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