Friday, November 14, 2008

Weekly Update- Nov. 10-14

This has been a busy week for us. We had Monday Fun at the beginning of the week. JP has been working at least 2, 10 hour days every week and this Saturday will be the second one in a row he has had to work. That always tires us out so bad. Thursday I had a dr.'s appt. and then today we had a fieldtrip. The kids had a great time. They both made hand dipped candles. JP took Daniel to the pioneer skills and weapons demonstrations while Tera and I went to the museum and schoolhouse. Muskets and Ax throwing were more their style than ours. We had a Thanksgiving dinner and met some really nice people in our homeschool group.

Daniel has latched onto one kid and we are trying to help him direct his energy from just one person to a larger group of kids. Daniel is a very one on one kid, he doesn't like big group interaction but instead conversation and play by himself or one on one. So we are trying to help him be more adaptable. We are encouraging him to talk to someone different and not just talk to this one kid who is older than him. I have to be honest, having opportunities for the kids to get together with other kids has been a struggle for us. With JP's work schedule, moving and my health, we have been limited in this area. We thought given their personalities, Tera would have more problems but it seems Daniel is the one missing the interaction more. Please pray for us in this area. It is a constant prayer of mine, that God will provide someone for our kids. We know that God provides all that we need. We have to trust him for the intangibles, too.

Daniel has an eye doctor appointment next week. We are coming up on the end of Monday Fun for this semester. It starts again in January or February. I won't be teaching because of the baby, but we are planning on the kids taking classes again. They really do love going and learn so much.


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