Monday, December 8, 2008

Going rate for Sanity= $2.37

That was the price of sanity today. The kids did their normal chores for free and then I paid them for doing all the little things I have needed to do and just can't right now. They got 25 cents for each room they volunteered to vacuum. Picking up things = 1 cent for each object; Picking up trash= 2 cents; doing things Mommy asked you to do extra= 1 cent for each job. This worked great, no complaining and a fairly clean house. My kids are still young, so I can pay such low wages. I got the laundry basically done and put away. I had time to do their assignment sheets so tomorrow will go better. The kids are clean, in bed, and I am warm and toasty in JP's thermals. I am growing out of my regular pj's but his thermals he never wears fit nice and loose. I have regained my sanity.

1 comment:

  1. Fabulous!! My mom pays the kids for all kinds of things, including picking up pinecones in her yard.

    And Children of the Corn at school in 5th grade?? Good grief! What was the educational purpose in that??



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