Sunday, February 15, 2009

Weekly Update Feb. 9-13

Same old song, second and third verse. One doctor's appointment left, the day before surgery next Friday. I experienced my first bout of swelling this week but hey since I am only one week away from having the baby, that is pretty good. I can actually feel my legs start swelling. I have to stop put my feet up and rest for a while. I look like I have a bowling ball under my shirt at this point. JP will pretend to shine my belly every now and then.

The kids are acting like it is the week before Christmas vacation. We have a four day week coming up and then I planned our yearly schedule so we could take the 2 weeks after Michael's born to adjust. We all must be suffering from Spring Fever. We had at least 4 days this week that were so warm, Tera was wearing shorts around the house. I cannot wait for Spring, it is my favorite season on the year. New life all around you.

We found out that JP's job is taking 4 day weeks through the entire month of March. This is not really good for anyone financially, but God always meets our needs in advance every time. We are actually looking forward to all those 3 day weekends.

This will be the last weekly update for a few weeks. If we can, JP or I will load a baby pic or two next week sometime. Keep us in your prayers Friday morning.


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