Friday, September 18, 2009

The Collage of Doom

Tera's collage
Daniel's collage

This was the last day of our unit week, so we just had a few loose ends to finish. We had a review time on Mammals, Reptiles and Birds and a few small projects. An Animal Classification worksheet and a mammal picture to draw, label and write 3 facts. The big project of the day took 3 hours to finish. I assigned a vertebrate collage, my only rule was no white could show. Who knew that was so hard? Whining, complaining, sighing, and 3 hours later they finished. They didn't complain the whole time, like the time I was helping them. (I'm probably exaggerating just a bit but when something seems easy, it's so frustrating when your kids act like it is the hardest thing you have ever asked them to do. I wasn't exaggerating about the 3 hours. I helped a little more than I really like to but could sense they were getting frustrated). Next time, I'll make the paper a whole lot smaller, I didn't realize they would have that much trouble. They were so tired when they were done, I made them both go lay down for a nap. They haven't taken a nap in over 2 years, but today they are at least gonna try. We are done, their projects look great and I'm pooped, what a day!


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