Monday, February 8, 2010

Boring is Good!

Sometimes I feel like I look around at others and wish for the lives they have. They always seem to have exciting new adventures to blog about. You never catch their kids wearing the same clothes in any two pictures. There is something to say in a post everyday if not two or three times a day. Then I do a reality check. These people (one in particular that comes to mind) dish about all their personal issues on their blog and let me tell you boring is good.

I admit my life is boring sometimes, it's feel like that movie Groundhog's Day- I repeat the same thing everyday...wake up, feed the baby, shower, feed the baby and kids, school, (during school- make JP's lunch, make our lunch, answer questions about work, unload the dishwasher, load the dishwasher, load the washer, load the dryer), etc., etc..... It's the same thing everyday except maybe for Sunday.

Yes, I live a very regular life but it's my life and I like it....(well except the dishes and laundry thing). I have an awesome husband, great kids, a nice, warm comfortable home and enough food to keep my family well fed. I don't live crisis to crisis or every other day as a holiday. My life plugs along at a very even pace. I have dealt with anxiety issues in the past but this is a time that my stress level is so low that I really don't have very frequent bouts with that anymore. That feels good. Who knew I needed to become boring to address my anxiety?

Sometimes the mundane gets to you but when I see what others who live so called "exciting" lives have to deal with, I will take my mundane thank you very much. I will be content with what I have been given in this life and feel as blessed as I am.


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