Sunday, March 7, 2010

My little chef...

Tera has loved to cook for as long as I can remember. I set a goal for her this year to plan a meal once a month, make a shopping list and prepare it. Today we tasted the fruits of her labor. She picked Zesty Chicken, Sweetened Baby Carrots, French Bread and Cheesecake Brownies. 
I have a tendency to help too much so I was very guarded in how much I did to help her. I asked her afterwards how she felt about my help. Tera was pleased with how much she got to do on her own, which was really almost the entire meal (minus handling the raw meat and removing the hot pans from the oven, I felt more comfortable being more hands-on during those instances). 
Everything she made turned out great. I was so proud of the way she planned a well rounded meal and how confident she was in the kitchen. We can't wait until next month.


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