Monday, January 10, 2011


We are studying regional differences in weather this week for science. So today was the best opportunity to focus on the Northeast region and their winter storms. We froze some black paper so we could look at snowflakes, measured snow (very scientifically with our rulers we measured 4.5 inches), and we have some snow melting in a container so we can compare snow vs. melted snow. We read about the climate on this site and winter storms here.

After work then play...

Even I got in on the action...I love Daniel's Zipfy sled. Thanks again, Grandma!

Daniel really enjoyed pushing me down the hill.
After freezing to death, we came in to hot chocolate and warm soup for lunch. Then we finished school...(I'd rather work through snow days than have to go one day longer in May than necessary). While the kids had a quiet time, JP and I took down the Christmas decorations. His job was closed today due to the amount of snow we received. We had a very good day!


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