Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Keep Walkin'

I've been putting in the miles in the last few weeks.  

I don't know about you, but I can always find reasons not to exercise.

"I'm tired"
"I don't have anywhere to walk or anyone to walk with"
"I don't have the right clothes"
"It's hard..."


Yes, I have been a bit of a whiner in the past.  But hopefully that is just in the past.  

I have decided I'm getting out there and if I can't do anything else...I CAN walk! 

We live in a very rural area where only the main street has sidewalks.  Before I made excuses about our town not being walker friendly.  No more. 

I put on my shoes and I walk up and down those sidewalks until I hit the two mile mark on my pedometer.  Sometimes I go back out for a shorter one mile walk later.  I have made it a point to walk in any "safe" weather.  Windy...light rain...whatever.  If I don't give myself an out, I just do it!  Six days a week!

I may look crazy and people will most likely start identifying me "as the lady that walks up and down the street", but it's better than being racked with health issues from the lack of activity.  
We are a "fast" society.  I want to see results fast and if I don't, it's obviously not working.  That's why we see such a market for "lose weight fast" supplements and diet plans.  These may work for some people, but in the long run I'm sure it's creating much of the same yo-yo dieting we've seen through the years.  

I'm not dropping weight like crazy or anything like that.  But I am maintaining good health.  I'm seeing so many people my age and a bit older with so many health problems.  Some things I can't control, but I should do what I can with what I do have control over. 

So, I walk and I plan to keep walkin'!


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