Friday, April 24, 2015

Weekly Wrap-up

Weekly Wrap-Up

These weeks are starting to catch up with me... 

Last Saturday, we had an amazing time at an all-day chess tournament.  Tera and Daniel registered, but once we arrived they asked Michael to even up the pairings being the "house" player.  It was a great experience!

We made sure to pack healthier foods this time and the kids said it really made a difference in how they felt as the day went on.  It was at a fairgrounds and the weather was beautiful.  In between each round we would walk around the grounds.  Michael and I spotted a beaver.  One of the best parts of the day...Michael realized he could SKIP!  He has not stopped skipping ever since! 

This was the first tournament Tera and Daniel have played in with cash prizes.  Daniel won 1st place in the Amateur section, and Tera tied for 2nd place.  Daniel won the top cash prize, but Tera didn't come home empty handed.  She was the top-rated player in her class, so she won money as well.  They were both ecstatic! 

Monday night brought our History "Share" .  For more information or details on How to Host Your Own History Share Event, click here!  Our kids worked so hard on their projects this year!  

Tera did "Remember the Ladies: Women of the American Revolution".  Her project included a lapbook tracing the evolution of the American Flag, a poetry book with poems by Phyllis Wheatley, and reports on various women. 

Daniel did a project on Nikola Tesla!  He was so interested in this scientist and getting a plasma ball is pretty cool, too!  We were able to put together a costume and people commented on how Daniel stayed in character as he answered their questions.  

Michael presented on Tennessee symbols and other facts.  I love the way his project has his "handprints" all over it.  Obviously, I helped with the design, but he did the individual parts and all the handwriting is his own.  He was just so cute AND he learned so much about Tennessee!

 Shakespeare at the library with themed cupcakes! 

Michael in karate class behind a glass wall that makes taking good pictures almost impossible...

Between swimming, flute lessons, karate, meeting with friends for a writing class, Shakespeare reading at the library, chess, more karate and art, it's been a bit tiring. But the end is near! Summer is upon us! 


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