Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Summer Bucket List

I used to really stress out during the summer.  You see, we don't take big vacations, go to summer camps or join a local pool.  Our summers have always been pretty low-key.  In the past, that would bother me immensely.  I'd spend my time trying to creating DIY fun for our kids and wearing myself out. 

I've gotten wiser over the years and realized that we are low-key people.  We need our down time at home.  I also started asking my kids what they REALLY wanted to do during the summer.  I'm always surprised at the things (or lack of things) they ask to do.

The library's summer reading challenge is on everyone's list.  They have been reading away!  Tera won the first drawing for a $20 Amazon gift card and Daniel is really hoping to win a drawing this year, as well. Michael already earned 2 prizes!   Play dates and friends are a given!


Michael's list:

  • catch fireflies
  • water gun fight
  • water balloon fight

Tera's list:

  • 2 Chess tournaments
  • VBS
  • a couple of summer movies during Carmike's kids series
  • self defense program at the library

Daniel's list:  
His list is shorter, because the other two listed things he wanted to do, too! 
  • visit to the AMSE museum  

My list:

  • participate in the adult summer reading program
  • get my planning for the next school year started
  • chill out and stay up late 

So far, we are checking things off and having a wonderful time!  



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