Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Random Thoughts

We start back all our extra-curricular activities in the next week.  I have to be honest that if I think too much about it all, it's a bit overwhelming.  Finding balance is a hard thing to do, especially with three kids.  My two older children have really begun to focus on what they want to do as a career.  We encourage them to pray for God's guidance and we pray for that, too.  

When both are interested in music (whether as a major or a minor), there is a great variety of skills they need to acquire before college.  Other majors start with a pretty level playing field...not so with music.  I do not want them to be at a disadvantage for the lack of musical training. 

Exploring skills and options is fun, but definitely time consuming. Choirs, practicing, instrument lessons, piano.... I'm really starting to understand why parents are so ready for their kids to begin driving themselves places.

I need to get on a better schedule.  I'm still struggling to get in bed at night and definitely not getting enough sleep.  It's not like I'm doing anything worthwhile staying up later.  Zoning out in front of a screen isn't a very good reason to stay up late, but yet, I'm doing it.  I know to be the kind of mom I want to be is impossible on my own.  I need to stay connected to God through daily Bible reading, devotions and prayer.  To be honest, I haven't been consistent lately...but I'll never give up trying!

I've had lots of reasons to feel good about how this school year is going.  Daniel's doing extra math lessons every day to finish pre-algebra early.  Tera's struggled to stay caught up especially in literature, but finally has gotten into a good rhythm.  Michael is loving math and wants to do it all the time.  Just like any mom, I struggle with the other things--never getting to the read-alouds, never being able to wake up before my early-rising kids, not being overwhelmed by the big picture...

Our gardening is basically done for now.  I spent last week pulling up all the dead plants and putting out mulch to prepare our beds for either a small, fall garden or the spring.  My body hurt so bad after three morning work sessions.  

This was not a great year for gardening.  Between our vacation that coincided with planting, the weird heat in June and JP's busy schedule at work, the garden didn't get the kind of attention it needed.  We were able to have enough vegetables to share with others, but just not as long of a growing season we've experienced in the past.  That's okay...

Our last movie day of the summer....

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