Sunday, September 27, 2015

Busy Fall Weekend

Yesterday morning, Tera, Daniel and I ran/jogged/walked our first 5K! It was hard, but worth the pain to know that you finished something athletic. Especially when you have never tried anything like that in the past. We had our good friend and swim coach cheering us on at the finish line. 

 Daniel finished first with Tera close behind. They had about 13-15 minutes to rest before I made it across the finish line. 

I had two goals: 
1. I didn't want to finish last 
2. I wanted to finish in under an hour. 

My time was 49 minutes and I wasn't last. I was proud of how we did, but frankly felt that it was harder than I thought it would be. I was thinking to myself, we're healthy...3 problem. It was not a stroll in the park, it was challenging. But somehow being challenged was what made the finish line seem sweeter. 

Photo credit:  Tanya


Tera finished 2nd in the female section of her age division.

After Daniel's flute rehearsal, we headed out together for the Denso Family Day.  Michael got to ride a school bus for the first time.  The smile on his face says it all.  

My husband is an awesome provider and it says a lot about his character that everyone I meet at these family events talk about how wonderful of a supervisor/person he is!  I already know these things about him, but it's nice to know he's appreciated outside of our little family.  

This morning, Daniel played with the Silver Winds Flute Choir at the First Baptist Church.  They did a beautiful job and Daniel made us so proud!

My handsome flutist!  

You have to entertain yourself somehow during the hour long warm-up/practice session.  

Daniel and his wonderful flute teacher and director of Silver Winds Flute Choir

One person is sleeping on the couch, two others are reading quietly upstairs and another one is laying down.  I'm here typing, but a nap sounds very good right about now.  

Tomorrow is another week! 


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