Friday, January 29, 2016

School and stuff

We've hit this semester running!  Everyone is working hard, including Snoopy!  In addition to math, handwriting and spelling, Michael is doing the Easy Peasy daily work.  It's giving us both structure right now and I find that comforting.  He's been begging to do the science experiments he got for Christmas.  We've explored UV light with light changing beads, liquid density and magic sand that stays dry in water.  Yes, Michael is wearing a lab coat from his Einstein costume last Halloween.  It's his new favorite dress up item.  Especially with the pocket for Snoopy to ride around in. 


Tomorrow, Tera and Daniel will compete to qualify for a spot in the state chess tournament. The top 8 in each section go on to the state competition (next weekend).  Tera and Daniel are competing in separate sections this time around.    It's going to be a very long day.  I pray they will both do their best!  Our motto---We celebrate-win or lose!

Tera has been filling us with delicious homemade bread---baguettes pictured below.

Michael and I went on a date to a KSO Very Young People's Concert this morning.  I told him he was my date for the day.  He asked to wear some of Daddy's "man's perfume".  He opened the doors for me and we had a grand time listening to various orchestral selections--Marriage of Figaro Overture; Flight of the Bumblebee; Peter and the Wolf.  We had great box seats and saw lots of familiar faces in the crowd.  Then to McDonald's for a Happy Meal. 

My ankle seems to be doing better, but I'm still following doctor's orders until I go for a follow-up appointment.  I have accepted that this is so minor in the big scheme of things that it's not worth complaining about.  So many friends are having major health issues right now that it really puts minor injuries into perspective.  

Throwback to last week when we had snow!  I couldn't go out, so I took pictures from the porch.

Our newly improved prayer board.  We've had a prayer request board for sometime, but it was hid in a corner.  We couldn't reach it, and it was ugly.  So, Tera suggested we take it out of the corner and I spruced it up a bit.   We've added the requests we are praying for on one side and are waiting for answers!  Michael looks up the other day at the board and says, "We need some answers!"  I said, "We need to keep praying!"  

That's what's been going on around here.  How about you?

 Weekly Wrap-Up


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