Wednesday, February 24, 2016

History sneak peek and a traveling exhibit

Michael and his friend, Seth had a great time checking out the Discover Earth traveling exhibit at our local library.  

Just a little glimpse of Daniel's WWI trench warfare diorama for our upcoming History Share event. 

Tera and Michael did more traditional tri-fold projects:

Michael working on soap sculptures for his project. 

In the middle of being sick, it was a perfect time to get our projects done.  The coughs are still there, but the kids seem to definitely be on the way to being fully recovered.  

The month of February has been a busy one.  With the possibility of at least two chess tournaments in March, it may be Easter before we can really catch our breath.  JP is really having a crazy time at work right now.  We keep up the best we can, and hang on tight the rest of the time. 

No matter how much we want things to always stay the same that is not the nature of life.  Things change.  Some things that make us sad.  Some things that make us elated with joy.  Whatever the change may be, we can be sure that God is with us in the midst of it and "there is not a place where I'll go, He's not already stood!"  


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