Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Due to JP's crazy, unpredictable work schedule, we have been visiting a local church or meeting together as a family for church.  We have had several interactive prayer times lately for our weekly worship.

Praying in Color is an idea that I found online that really appealed to me.  It's basically doodling while you pray to keep your mind active and focused in prayer.  

One Sunday, we worked through the Beatitudes as a prayer exercise praying for the various groups of people verse by verse.  

Some examples of our praying in color: 

Tera took our praying in color exercise and applied it to praying through a different Scripture passage on her own. 

Creative Family Prayer Times is a great resource for meaningful times of prayer and worship as a family.  Last week, we worshiped together as a family using the "Songs of Prayer" idea.  

We distributed hymnals to each person and we were instructed to look through the hymnal to find a song that would express our praise and worship to God.  Each person would then share their hymn (youngest to oldest) describing what made them pick that hymn.   Then, we would sing each hymn as a prayer. 

Here were our choices:  
Michael--And Can It Be?
Daniel--Amazing Grace
Tera--Just a Closer Walk With Thee
Me--In the Garden
JP--'Til the Storm Passes By

I couldn't decide between two hymns, so I went with "In the Garden" and then JP picked my other hymn without knowing it.  

Although things are anything but normal right now, I'm so thankful for these times of worship we are able to experience together and with other believers.  


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