Sunday, June 18, 2017

Summer Catch-up

We celebrated someone passing their permit test.  It wasn't this little booger!  Tera took her written driver's test and passed with flying colors!  JP took her out for her first driving experience right after the test.  She's going to be an excellent driver, because he's an excellent teacher.  I should know--he taught me how to drive. 

Seven layer taco dip--my favorite summer recipe

Yesterday, we spent some time with our friend and magician, Scott Humston.  Michael loved the show as always!

Daniel participated in a chess tournament in memory of his chess coach that passed away recently.  Even though it's been almost a year since he last competed,  he came in 4th in his section and won his class prize. 

I'm spending some time this summer working on these beautiful creations, reading, and planning--lots of reading and lots of planning.  I plan on taking a step back this week from required reading to catch up on some new juvenile fiction I found.  And to have a bit of fun!

Tera is busy training for fencing.  She has also rediscovered her joy of baking and that thrills our whole family.  

More art from Michael

Game day--tons of snacks and Michael beating us all in Yahtzee after getting two Yahtzees!  How does he do that?

 One last picture of this crazy little kid!


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