Friday, October 6, 2017

A wedding...

A sweet friend asked Michael to the be the ring bearer at her wedding on Monday, which if you didn't know coincided with Tera's 17th birthday.  We celebrated Tera's birthday early on Saturday.  Michael and I were occupied on Sunday with the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. 

My handsome little man!

Michael and the flower girl with the bride and groom.  The only picture I took of the wedding party.  Since I left Michael in the charge of the other groomsman, I didn't see very many of the group wedding shots.  I cannot wait to see the completed wedding album! 

Reception fun!

We were so tired by the end of the evening, we took the next day off of school.  That kinda threw our entire week off kilter.  But we survived the rest of the week and made it to Friday.  You could say the wedding was the highlight of the week for all of us! 


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