Sunday, December 31, 2017


The 52 Hike Challenge was posted in a homeschool hiking group and I thought it was perfect for us to attempt this year!   Originally, we had wanted to take a New Year's Day hike.  But with the arctic blast we are experiencing right now, we started a couple of days early!  

Hike #1:  Fort Loudoun State Park
Trail:  Ridgetop and Meadow Loop Trails approximately 4 miles
Time:  a bit over 2 hours
Elevation:   almost 1000 feet

We started on the  Ridgetop trail and continued onto the Meadow Loop Trail diverting back to the car where the two trails meet at the end.  The temperatures were in the mid-30's.  We made sure to layer our clothes and bring gloves/hats just in case. 

We are looking forward to this challenge with the hopes of meeting many friends--old and new on the trails throughout the year. 


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