Friday, January 18, 2019

Another week...

Another winter week in the books...

Some highlights and low points!

Michael went on a tour of our local courthouse, including the juvenile detention center and the election commission. And meeting the mayor.   He had a great time!  Well, not in juvie hall, but overall! 

Most of the week was spent like this...noses to the grindstones.  We finished another read-aloud.  Michael worked on his states/capitals and added science back into his weekly schedule. 

Tera spent a lot of time cooking and baking this week.  We got to enjoy the fruits of her labors.

Tera and Daniel's books are coming along nicely.  I've been able to read quite a few chapters of Tera's novel already.  Daniel took me through his story line today. 

We started another puzzle to get us through the rainy weather that never seems to end around here.

Getting to hang with some of our favorite people and learning a couple of new games was definitely one the highest points of our week!

Some low points:

A cruddy sinus thing has seem to attacked me.  I never deal well with drastic weather changes and that is all we seem to be having at the moment.

A disappointing time yesterday afternoon that did resolve itself.

Rain, rain, rain

Accidentally withdrawing Tera from her cover school when I pre-registered the boys for next year. 

A couple of really late nights and too much caffeine = not enough sleep

But it's Friday and we have a weekend with nothing scheduled! WooHoo! 


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