Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Graduation Candid

 A few shots before heading out for the ceremony.  JP was still getting ready to leave. 

A couple of photos my brother took during the ceremony

Reception, graduation table and family and friends

To avoid taking two cars, we all went with Tera to set up her graduation table at 3 PM. The ceremony lasted until almost 8:30 PM.  Michael was SO hungry (even after the 2 granola bars I brought for him) that he was miserable even after he ate a huge plate from the reception.  He did start feeling better when we got home almost at 10 PM when he ate pizza and ice cream.  But that is why, the above picture is the only one I got of Michael at the reception. 

Graduation gift from Mom and Dad...card by Michael

The day after decompression--fencing in the park


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