Monday, June 10, 2019

Alabama Trip

We headed home this past weekend to visit family. Some we are blood related to and some we aren't, but there is really no difference.

On the way, we were stuck in traffic for almost 2 hours. We decided to come back Saturday night and drive into the evening.  Fortunately, the traffic was a whole lot better, even though we got home close to midnight. 

We rarely have laid back relaxed trips like this one.  This trip we were able to have lengthy visits with my brother, my grandmother, my mom and Fred and our dear pastor families.  My brother and I stayed up later than everyone else just talking.  We haven't done that in ages!  Everyone fed us like royalty.   It was one big glorious blessing.  We were only missing my sister-in-law and the cousins that were away at youth camp. 

Heading to the park to workout after a long day in the car and visiting.

Granny and Papa Fred with the kids

Two of a kind...


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