Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Make one, Freeze one

Why have I never really thought of doing this before?

Next week, Michael has camp every morning for 4 hours.  It's quite a drive, so I'm opting to stay and hang out rather than spend half my morning driving.  While thinking about menu planning, I thought about finding some recipes that I could easily double--make one for this week and freeze one for next week.  

I'm posting the recipes here, so I will be able to find them again and because I believe this make one, freeze one is definitely going to become a thing.  (Especially, since I just cleaned out my chest freezer and have plenty of room for freezer meals.)  

I found three recipes that have very simple ingredients:

Baked Spaghetti --This is my go-to recipe already and it makes A LOT!  So, I'm just planning on splitting the recipe between two pans and freezing one.  

Hoping to find some more recipes to add to this list! 


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