Saturday, May 30, 2020

10 week update

I was flipping through my phone's calendar last night and realized it had been 10 weeks since the world changed as we personally know it.  We spent the first 6 weeks staying at home except for "essential" business and the last month has been somewhat busy--a different kind of busy, but busy nonetheless.

What's been going on with Tera:

Dean's list for the second semester, being nominated by one of her favorite professors to be a new student orientation representative for the college, working a lot,  working out a lot, joining the honor society, and ready for things to be normal again.  

What's going on with Daniel:

More senior pictures for the yearbook, spending a couple of weeks applying/interviewing for jobs, starting his first job at Sonic this week, digital art, writing on his blog, sending graduation thank-you cards, setting up a bank account, immunizations for college, rearranging his room,  listening to his favorite podcasts and some foodie show.  

What's going on with Michael:

Started a private Facebook group (on my account) for older kids that are Lego enthusiasts with different challenges and fun posts every day,  Virtual Clover Bowl competition via Quiz Bowl Systems app and Zoom,  social distancing karate, co-op via Skype, Minecraft,  and rearranging his room.

A rainbow--you have to venture out in the storms sometimes if you want to see the rainbows.  (Michael took this picture from the backseat.)

JP and I are just trying to keep up with all the changes, check lists and things-to-do while de-cluttering a bit on the side.  That's the news from our side of the world.  


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