Friday, June 26, 2020


The "enlightened ones" say:

"How dare you..."
"You don't have a voice in this conversation..."
"You cannot stay silent, you MUST speak..."
"I can't believe you would think xyz or abc, you must be a...."

STOP!  Be quiet!!

The barrage of sharing opinions with the public on social media platforms is more widespread than the pandemic we are living through.  I have had enough!

You don't know MY story, yet you judge me based on your own preconceived notions about how life has treated me or what I choose to believe about an issue or by what I look like.  You think shame, condescension under the guise of educating the public will change the people you interact with on social media?

Change happens when we stop sharing our opinions about what OTHER people should do and start LISTENING, SHARING our stories with each other, REACHING out to others IN PERSON...on a PERSONAL REAL life! 

THAT is when and where change happens!   

In your own heart,
In your own family,
With your own friends,
In that group of people God has placed in front of you that you have actually invested time in their lives. 

NOT the all-too-often pseudo-friendships of social media where we can say whatever we want behind the safety of our computer screens while we wait to categorize our likes and dislikes.

That is not when and where change happens.


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