Thursday, July 30, 2020


Covid-19 has put us in a difficult stinky situation.  All of us.  We are all trying to do what's best for our sanity, emotional health and the health of our families.  All the time dealing with an external stress-inducing situation.  

Every errand is now more difficult.  Make sure you've got your mask, keep your distance, observe one-way aisle and other rules of society.  

Decision fatigue has set in! Things we never had to think about before become agonizing decisions.  Personally, these questions aren't born only out of fear; they are born out of consideration for others and doing what's best for our family.  

Do I send my kids to school?  (Not us, personally...but lots of our friends are dealing with this question.)
Do I send my kids to their extra-curricular?
Is it safe to attend this event?
Is it safe to have ANYONE over to our house?
What about work when you can't work remotely?
What if we get exposed and don't know it?  Then accidentally expose someone else?
Is someone going to go ballistic in a store because they are asked to wear a mask or lash out because you are wearing a mask?
How do we make school fun when it's hot outside and indoor spaces outside of your home aren't really places you can go and hang out?
How do you make sure your kid doesn't become too isolated from his friends because of restrictions?
How do we as a family deal with outside demands of others who don't have the same standards we have?
Do we put ourselves in potential danger (universal precautions) to placate and appease others?
What are considered essential trips?
Is is safe to do XYZ?  You name and we think about it.  

Loss and disappointment have been a constant for almost EVERYONE! Cancellations, postponements,  and unique responses to try and make up for the lack of normalcy.  

Milestone events (graduations, weddings, funerals)
School as normal
Playdates and birthday parties
Championship games, sports seasons, fencing
Band, orchestra, choirs
Chess with real people

Sometimes you just feel numb to everything that is going on around you.   It can be overwhelming.  It's stinky.  It's exhausting!  


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