Sunday, October 25, 2020

Fun Fridays: Feudalism and the Black Death


Since Michael is studying the Middle Ages this year, I try to incorporate some hands-on learning in our Fun Friday history lessons about the different aspects of the medieval period. 

After studying KINDNESS as our fruit of the Spirit, we dove into history.

Black Death Simulation  from Homeschool Den

We read about feudalism in England and then did this great visual representation of the different classes and the tax system using mini M & M's, mini cupcake liners and mini-figures.  Even though everything was "mini"--the king's taxes were definitely not.  He and his minions definitely came out on top.  

Due to Covid, we were really on top of washing our hands like crazy  during our lessons and actually threw away the M & M's we handled for the project.  Luckily, for the boys there were leftovers to eat!   


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