Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Lotterdale Trail--East Lakeshore Trail


It was a beautiful day to go for a hike.  It was also would have been my little brother's birthday--22 years with him, 22 years without.  I really wanted to be outside on a LONG hike today, because my brother, Terry really loved being outside.   He would get so mad at me as a child, because I wouldn't come out and play.  Well, I came out to play today in honor of his birthday.  Very thankful for the time Tera and I got to spend together today creating good memories!  Over 7 1/2 miles and it was truly a balm to my heart, soul and spirit. 

This pine forest reminded me of my childhood in Alabama.  We would create forts and hideouts in woods like these.  

The moss covered the ground and was so soft to walk on.  

We love these "fences"!

What we named "the butt tree"! 

The coolest tree...EVER!!! 

Hike #2


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