Friday, January 16, 2009

Weekly Update Jan. 12-16

I haven't done an update in a while. I am 34 weeks pregnant right now scheduled to deliver Feb. 20. I am tired and so ready. I was measuring one week farther at my appointment on Thursday. I have another ultrasound on the 27th to check and see if the baby's head is down. Since I am having a C-section, I'm not sure why they are doing that, but oh well. I am feeling like Humpty Dumpty's twin sister right now.

We received a package from Grandma today with lots of awesome crocheted goodies. It felt like Christmas. We all loved our things. Daniel is really into scarfs, he loved his new green scarf. Our favorite was the baby hat. The kids watch JellyTelly and one of their favorite characters, Michael wears a hat just like it. Thank you Grandma.

School is plugging along. Tera and Daniel are doing so good. Last year I flew by the seat of my pants it felt like but this year I give them weekly assignment sheets. They know what they are doing on a daily basis and it really helps the days go smoother. We are doing Saxon Math this year. I know it doesn't work for some, but it works for us. I showed Tera a sample of another Math book she could use next year. It had vibrant pictures and really cool things in it. She said she wanted to stay with Saxon. When asked the reason, she said she liked the way Saxon reviewed the concepts again and again. It helped her keep it straight in her mind. Enough said. Last year we pulled our hair out over Math because if we left a concept she would forget it. Let's just say we are not going bald this year. Daniel is very quick to pick up Math too. I rarely have to explain a concept more than once if at all. I am truly blessed that they are doing so good.

We found out that JP's workplace is going down to a 4 day work week the whole month of February. This really would have freaked me out before, but I am seeing God providing for us. Things may get a little tighter, but we are so much better off than so many people we are hearing about. I am truly counting my blessings. I was reading in a devotion that God goes before us into tomorrow. He is already there and taking care of us. We have seen His provision throughout our lives and know that He is with us no matter what.


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