Friday, January 30, 2009

Weekly Update Jan. 26-30

This will be short, since I just updated on Monday. Dr. appt. went well. Baby's head is definitely down and he is loving stretching right now. I don't love it so much. He is getting the hiccups alot which are quite funny to feel. The time is approaching fast. Although I am ready for it to be over, it is quite overwhelming. I feel there is so much left to do, but just doing the regular daily things is draining enough.

We've had a really smooth week of school. The kids have been really motivated to get their work done without constant reminders. We started an organized chore system again that they mark on a chart and switch every week. So the same person doesn't have to do the same jobs every week. Last Saturday, the only clean up I had to do was cleaning the bathroom. I really like the new system. Don't get me wrong, I am not breaking any child labor laws. We are just doing the basics. It's nice that the kids are a little older. They can keep their own rooms clean and help out around the house. We bought some storage bin organizers from a fellow homeschooler a few weeks ago. I put one in each of their rooms. Last Friday and Saturday, we finished unpacking Tera's room and then I organized each of their rooms. (a little nesting going on I think). It has been so much easier for them to pick up and now almost everything has a place. This really helps Daniel out alot. If things are labeled, he'll usually put it back in it's place. Tera is just like her parents- a pack rat. I have to go through her room once a month or so and get rid of paper stuff. This time we went through things and put papers she wanted to keep in folders. Hopefully we can wait two months before deep cleaning.

I said this would be short, who knew I would find so much to say.


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