Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Michael- getting bigger everyday

Michael's thinking Tera's holding him just a bit too tight.

Easter 2009
(I didn't count so JP and Tera weren't looking or smiling, sorry)

Easter 2009

A taste of spring.
These are flowers all from our yard. The lady who owned the house before has flower beds everywhere that we get to enjoy. They are in antique milk bottles found in the basement.
I went to the Doctor today for my final Post-Partum appointment. My blood pressure was 102/80 which is awesome. So I can stop taking my blood pressure medicine. I have to take my blood pressure next Monday and call them with it. If it stays low without the medicine, I'm done. My cholesterol was just a tad high, so I am having a recheck in 3 months. It was 212- the HDL was good but the LDL was too high. I have to watch my diet and exercise. My iron looked good, now I don't have to take those pills either. Thankful to be done with pills and doctor's visits for myself. Ready to hit the hiking trail.


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