Monday, May 4, 2009

hey, hey we're the Monkees

"Hey, Hey we're the Monkees and people say we monkey around...." That's our theme song right now.
We are winding down this school year and my brain is winding down with it. JP went to 5 days again (for now). We are battling ants along with the rest of East TN. Our baby is finally sleeping for 10 hours at a time at night- too bad we don't get to sleep during those same 10 hours. He konks out at 7:30, we don't get in bed until at least 11:30 but oh well. Tera and Daniel are down to the last 2 1/2 weeks of school and driving us crazy. We are trying to get our house ready for company. I am starting to prepare for next school year and for our Monday Fun classes. I am teaching 2 music classes this fall and 2 in the spring. It seems all we do is go to the grocery store and we are always running out of bread. Life is really getting back to normal but I'm realizing we're the ones that aren't normal. "Hey, Hey we're the Monkees..."


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