Thursday, June 4, 2009

Life is what you make it!

My kids really amaze me sometimes. We've only been out of school since May 22, right after that we had company for 3 days and then Daniel came down with what we thought was allergies but probably was a cold. Tera has been under the weather since last night. Well, that is all besides the point. Usually when the kids have a day off like Saturday, they expect us to come up with something for them to do. JP has started telling them Mommy has the day off on Saturday, so come up with your own fun. I guess the lesson stuck.
This week the kids have been making their own fun. I found a book called ACT IT OUT which has a bunch of drama and puppet stuff in it. I directed them to an easy skit, they came up with their own costumes and are rehearsing (well they were a little more enthusiastic about the costumes than they were about rehearsing but it's a start). I told them if they practice this week they can work on props next week. They are so excited about putting it together.
Daniel decided to make a rod puppet, he found in the book. Tera followed suit. She is making a Robin Hood rod puppet and Daniel is making Maid Marian. (Tera had a tiny felt Robin Hood hat, already) They have finished the heads and faces and now just need to make the body and clothes.
Daniel has also been working on shadow puppets. We have a comedy video of a guy who tells stories with shadow puppets. That intrigued Daniel. He made a screen out of tinkertoys and typing paper. He got his flashlight and starting making shadow puppets.
This afternoon I found them trying to make spaceships out of a box and some kind of toy set Tera has that is like clickits. It really goes to show kids come up with more fun on their own sometimes. Maybe all this creativity will continue throughout the summer. Wouldn't that be awesome?
I'll post some pics later with the finished projects.


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