Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sacrifice, Seasons, and Choices

These things have been going through my mind this morning. Sometimes being a one income family is very hard. Everytime my husband makes a late night run to Wal-mart to pick up essentials, I am reminded of this. Last night he actually asked to see the receipt before paying but it was all there correctly priced. We have one car with over 200,000 miles on it. My husband has been needed some new sandals this summer, but has put it off because he hasn't wanted to pay the extravagent prices for something that will last. Our kids aren't doing swim lessons, day camps or other costly activities this summer. My husband and I both have degrees and have lots of friends from college who make a lot of money. Sometimes I have to admit I get a little jealous. Maybe even covet a little. I'm always reminded though we aren't behind on our bills and our car is paid off. That is little consolation at times. It would be easier probably to send my kids to public school which would be free and Michael to a day care- there is one just up the street. I could get a job and help ease the burden. That is where the word sacrifice comes in. I heard sacrifice defined as "giving up something so that someone else's life is better". I know there are arguments about whether or not my kids would benefit by some of the extras I mentioned, but I believe that my staying at home truly outweighs any extra activities we could afford otherwise. We sacrifice so that in the long and short run our children's lives will be better.

I look across the road at our neighbor's house. They are both retired and spend an enormous amount of time on their meticulous lawn. It is beautiful-it is depressing. We are trying to have a small vegetable garden but everytime we go out Michael starts howling. You don't get much work done when you have to stop and feed a baby. I am reminded of seasons of life. We are in that season where our kids are the garden we are cultivating. They are the manicured lawn we are pruning and shaping. One day our physical lawn might be manicured, but just not right now. We have more important things to do.

This post is certainly not meant to put down 2 income families or people with manicured lawns, our lives are a matter of choices we make. The choices we have made for our family may seem odd to others but they are ours to make. Even though we believe strongly our lifestyle is what God has called us to, it is not always easy. I am thankful I have a wonderful spouse who believes the same things I do about family. I am reminded of our two moms who were single trying to raise kids on their own. I have a supporting spouse there to pick up the slack. Garrison Keillor says "Life is what you make it". I am being reminded everyday to live the life I've chosen without looking around at others for approval or acceptance. It's all about sacrifice, seasons and choices.


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