Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kids Can Cook: Omelets

I want to do more cooking with the kids and found this recipe on allrecipes.com. So anyone doesn't get the idea I'm perfect, these were pictures from tonight's recipe but the kids did not get to help as much as they did when we made them on Sunday. Lots of things started happening all at once so they only got to do parts of this tonight. Sunday they practically did it by themselves. These are omelets made by boiling in ziploc baggies. They are easy and good. Here goes.

Omelets Kids Can Make

First get a pot of boiling water going...you need a rolling boil.

Next, gather your ingredients (ziploc baggies for each person, 2 eggs per person, anything you like in your omelet- cheese, bacon bits, ham, green peppers, onions, etc.) Tonight we used bacon bits but Sunday we just had veggie omelets. Daniel just had cheese.

Stretch your baggie over a coffee mug. This was an easier way to help the kids crack the eggs into the baggies.

Crack your eggs into the baggie. Add any ingredients including any spices.

Shake and squeeze until mixed.

Drop into a pot of rolling boiling water for 13 minutes.

Take out of pot and let cool for just a bit then open baggie to slide it out onto your plate.


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