Monday, July 20, 2009

Our Humble Garden

Tera planted those carrots herself.
Some of our peppers and Roma tomatoes that are starting to come in.

We've been gardening this year. We got a late start for a lot of different reasons so we are just now starting to get a little produce. Right now we are buying from a friend who has more tomatoes than she knows what to do with. We only planted a few things- green peppers, tomatoes, lettuce, carrots and bush beans. We will try our hand at a fall garden this year, hoping to get everything in by August 15th. The thing we have enjoyed the most has been the herbs. It is very nice to walk out onto the back porch and snip fresh basil and parsley for cooking and salads. Next year, I plan on doubling or even tripling our herbs.


  1. Pretty peppers! Ours are all boring green....although I did let a couple get red....

    Did you make your salsa?

  2. I haven't yet, still recovering from last night.

  3. Beautiful produce! Love your playlist too. So glad to find your blog. To answer your question, I'm not really technical with the nature journals at this point. I gave Miah and Larkin each a sketchbook and occasionally tell them to go draw something. I have to specifically say, "Draw something you SEE outside that God made." Otherwise Miah draws something from her imagination. Actually she ends up doing her own thing anyway, which I never make a big deal over. Before Zahana and Rohan, when I had more time to sit down with Miah and Larkin, we would go outside and find something like a leaf or bug and we would all draw it. If I had a book on hand about that particular thing, I would read a bit or just talk about it. I'd really like to get back into that with them. Here are a couple posts about it:



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