Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cookies and Scones, what a wonderful day!

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I won a free giveaway from Ice Box Bakery
on the blog The Homespun Heart.

I thought I would receive a coupon in the mail but much to my delight (and my kids' delight), FedEx arrived today with a refrigerated package of 3 rolls of all natural cookies. We tried the Deluxe Chocolate Chip and Double Dutch Chocolate since those were the ones without tree nuts. The rolls freeze up to 6 months as well. The Deluxe Chocolate Chip was our favorite hands down. The Double Dutch was just a little too rich for us. I'm not really picky about organic or all natural ingredients but these were great cookies and I could definitely tell a difference in quality, texture and taste. Maybe it's a good thing I can't buy these cookies locally, I'd be in big trouble.

Last night, I made Meredith's Blueberry Scone recipe for breakfast this morning. They were great- light and flaky. The only thing I changed was that I drizzled some white chocolate on top. My husband, who does not usually eat breakfast ever, had one and went back for seconds. Thanks for the great recipe Meredith! We'll definitely be making this again. (Glad I held out for the real deal!)


On a sidenote, I am a very trusting person. So it pains me to say, I was almost taken in by one of those, you've won a new car or other great prizes scams. The guy sounded so nice, so genuine, answered all my sceptical questions. I always deflect to my husband, so I said I would have him call back tomorrow. (Since my husband worked in the social service field, he usually sees through things like that.) Then I looked up the two companies, the guy said he represented and found a lot of people saying very negative things about the "promotion". The Better Business Bureau gave them a C- and revoked their endorsement of the company. Thank goodness for the ability to research online and find out all these things. I have to admit I'm very embarassed because I actually got excited. (It's been one of those weeks!) But hey I got free cookies, that is really something to get excited about!


  1. Glad you like the scones! I usually have to make a double batch b/c they get gobbled UP at my house! I've never made them the night before...they were still good the next morning?

    Hey, I've been wanting to try that cookie dough since I saw it on Monica's blog. The closest place I can find it is Whole Foods and I was going to run in there on Monday when we were out running errands but the kids were WIPED (we counted 11 stops) and couldn't be persuaded to stop once more...not even for cookies.

    PS-Did you know I got to meet Monica briefly when she was here a few weeks ago? Her sister, Carrie, is one of my favorite blog friends so it was nice to connect with Monica too.

  2. They were better last night- (don't ask me how I know that? sshhh!), they were a little drier this morning. I wasn't sure how easy they would be, next time I'll definitely make them in the morning. But we all loved them, anyway.

    The Ice Box Bakery chocolate chip is totally awesome. I haven't tried the Oatmeal yet...but I'm sure it will be awesome, too!

    That's cool you got to meet Monica- I usually stalk her and Carrie's blog. :) I have commented once or twice before. I enjoy all your blogs!



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