Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Simple Joys of Summer: Fishing


We have been able to go fishing and swimming a couple of times in the past few days with friends. The kids both caught at least one fish a piece each time. No one was hooked, I baited hooks for the first time in my entire life, Michael was content to observe, so all in all it was a great time. We used hot dogs and bread for bait- no worms. I don't think I would have volunteered for that. I can't say my husband has gained a fishing buddy but it wasn't too bad. I even helped one kid reel one in so who knows, one day I might get hooked. :)


  1. I have such good memories of fishing with my dad when I was growing up.

    A couple of weeks ago, we took a family drive to our local lake and saw tons of people fishing. I thought it looked so fun. I got discouraged when I looked up the price for fishing licenses...$9/person...including kids. Licenses + the cost of gear makes me rethink the affordability of it. I haven't been able to find a place we're allowed to fish for free. There are some free weekends but they've already come and gone so I think I've decided to add this to my list of things to try to do NEXT summer.

  2. Worms aren't so bad.....but I much prefer the not wiggling bait too. Maybe next time you can take the hook out of the fish :)



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