Friday, December 3, 2010

Who knew beavers could be so yummy?

Well, not actual beaver, but we did make some yummy treats while studying beavers this week. We made twigs and sticks- basically pretzel sticks and melted chocolate bark formed into a beaver dam/lodge.

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We made clay lodges- one with just clay, the other with sticks (toothpicks) mixed in. Then we tested which design was actually stronger.
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Our favorite of the week was Canadian Beaver Tails. They are usually fried but I really didn't want to do that so I found a baked beaver tail recipe for my bread machine. It was awesome! I was a little skeptical but I have to say, I may make this one again. (the dough was a little sticky so I did add a little extra flour)


We found lots of information online about beavers. Tera requested we study them. I'm guessing because of their Narnia obsession right now. These recipes would go well with a unit on The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. We experimented holding our breath for 15 seconds and then talked about how beavers can hold their breath up to 15 minutes while underwater. I also found a great drawing tutorial through Lesson Pathways on how to draw beavers.

Our states study has been suffering lately with all our extra Christmasy things, so I've just decided to put that off until after Christmas break. That's a good thing, I really need to learn to be more flexible when it comes to changing my schedule when the need arises. I hate feeling like there are things are left undone, but that's life sometimes.

We've started all our advent activities. So far this week we've opened 3 envelopes on our calendar. The kids made a paper chain (I had pics but they are on my old memory card and I already put in the new one. So you'll just imagine the ones you made as a kid) to hang in their room to countdown. We made one with Michael, but he tore it to bits when we were done. I guess he's ready for Christmas now. We've read a Christmas story together and today had hot chocolate with our beaver tails. These activities are just really simple things. Our advent doors have had devotion readings everyday to share over lunch. I found them here. We started our Jesse Tree as well. No wonder my kids are going crazy...they are ready yet waiting for Christmas. I love this time of year as we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior. So I can handle the craziness of little children and remember I need to be a little bit more crazy about Jesus too.

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