Thursday, March 3, 2011


I've been talking a lot lately about how a blog is just a snapshot of your little world. How we put our best selves out there most of the time. I tend to blog the most when I feel what I'm doing is going the way I planned, instead of showing the ups and downs of life and homeschooling. Things aren't necessarily going bad around here, just days that are not everything I'd like them to be. Kids taking too long to finish their independent work...our joint work not really being exciting or "blog-worthy"...being busy with this and that...too tired to load pictures or construct coherent thoughts. You get the picture.

I wrote a post for Lesson Pathways on ways to combat Spring Fever, and then almost instantly I was struck with the dreaded disease. I decided to take my own advise and follow some of the remedies I recommended in the article. This week, we had a friend of ours over for a lesson on the moon and astronauts...she's a little younger than Daniel. I love having younger ones over, because I can do varied work. Work that might seem too "kiddy" for Tera and Daniel alone, but with someone else somehow, it's okay. We talked about the phases of the moon, did moon paintings, watched Neil Armstrong walk on the moon and had an Astronaut lunch. It was a lot of fun.

I told Tera and Daniel if they finished their 5 days of independent work in 4 days the next few weeks, we would have Fun Fridays with different themes. Tomorrow, they picked Art Day, so we'll have some planned/unplanned art time for school. We'll start next week picking out Science Fair projects (not to enter in a fair-- just for practice). All these things help me get back on track as well as give the kids a chance to explore a bit.

I know our enthusiasm or lack of it, rubs off onto the I'm trying to pump myself up with some new ideas right now. I'll let you know how all that turns out. If you don't hear from me for a while, you'll know.... :)


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