Saturday, January 28, 2012

Science Fair

Today was the science fair hosted by our local homeschooling group at one of the local colleges.  Tera has been working on a project called Freaky Fries- Which fries will decompose first?  Daniel's project was called Electro Fruit-O:  Which fruit/vegetable will generate the most electricity?

Daddy quizzing the kids the day before to prep them for the interview portion of the science fair.
Glow in the dark spiders from a student who did her internship in Hondurus.  We saw lots of things under black light, but the coolest was seeing Tera's eyes and teeth glowing! 

Poppers demonstration- tums and vinegar in photo canister.  I overheard this as the favorite for lots of kids.

There was also a station on light and color, but since Michael and I were playing in the water fountain, going to the potty and washing our hands...I have no pictures of that one.  The kids did come home with some really cool glow in the dark beads that change color when exposed to black light!
Working with acids/bases and testing for ph.  Also, shaving cream tie-dye...definitely trying this one again!


JP and Michael met a really nice professor at the college, who shared crayons with Michael when he really needed a diversion!

Flaming Gummy Bears!

Waiting to talk to the judge.

Showing their boards to friends and posing.

All the participants

This was a top notch science fair.  Not only were there cool prizes for winning, but they made sure each participant left home with a door prize.  Nice door prizes.  Tera won 2 free Firehouse Subs and Daniel won 2 "2 One Time Free Admission" to Ripley's Aquarium.  Daniel looked like one of those people who just got called up for The Price is Right!  The gift bags for participants had all kinds of stuff in there: messenger bag, pencils, pens, food, toys, coupons for Froyoz and admission to AMSE, and all kinds of stuff. 
Although, our kids did not place, they walked away feeling like winners!  We are so proud of all the hard work they put into their projects.
We are all looking forward to next year...just not right now!



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