Friday, January 27, 2012

Tuesday in Madagascar

We met with our co-op on Tuesday for a focus on Madagascar.  First the kids watched a short video on the country and then a clip of leaping lemurs.  Then they tried their hands...or in this case feet, at leaping. 

Michael is helping measure his leap.  I would have had pictures of Tera and Daniel's leap but I had to turn and get Michael out of something each time. 

A cute little somebody!

There were all kinds of coloring activities (maps, flags, etc.).  Then the kids listened to a Maya Angelou poem written about Madagascar.  They did their impressions of her descriptions with various pictures.

This was my favorite activity.  Play dough landforms.  Each of the kids received a card with a specific landform pictured.  They were to replicate that on their plate with playdough.  Then, they played a guessing game to remember each person's landform.  

Nothing like friends helping friends!

For more pics and links for all the activities we did, check out The Forest Room! 

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