Friday, June 1, 2012


I've gotten the de-clutter comes upon me at various times.  It feels like I just have enough energy/motivation to handle the everyday chores (laundry, dishes, cooking, picking up, etc.).  I never get around to all those piles in the corners that seem to multiply overnight until one day you look around and say "how did we get all this stuff?" or "how/why did that ping pong ball end up on the floor by the computer desk?"  It can be overwhelming so I'm just going to take 30 minutes a day working in a different room and rotate.  That way every week, I'll hit the same room again and whittle it all down without losing my mind.  Or at least that's the plan.

I'm procrastinating planning for next school year a bit

I'm reading a lot more...3 books at once.  That's my style.  JP hates that, he's "a one book until I'm done kinda person."

I need to go to bed earlier.

There's a library assistant I really like because we always share ideas when I'm in the library and because she's so darn sweet.  So, I told her my plan of reading through the Newbery Medal list and she's going to do it, too.  I think we're going to touch base at the end of the summer to report our progress.  What a great incentive to actually follow through. 

I'm so glad we finally have a neighbor with kids so we can all hang out!

Fred's home and is still recovering but doing a whole lot better!

Tomorrow, begins the Summer Reading program at the library.  Probably the highlight of my kids' summer every year.  Well, that and snow cones!

My kids say the cutest things...sometimes!  Here's the list I've been collecting for a while (the ones I actually remember to write down):

What started out as teaching Michael to say: "My compliments to the chef" turned into this:
"My compli-pants" "no, no com-PLA-ments" - and ended with "My com-PLA-ments to the pants" and raucous laughter over breakfast!

Michael calls dandelions, "Daniel-lions".

LarryBoy has "super uction ears"

Tera drew an Easter picture and told Michael, "Jesus died for you, so you don't have to die". Michael said: "Yay, I'm free!" I think that sums it up on this Good Friday

I reminded my son not to take things from his sister...I mentioned the word stealing. He said "I looked it up earlier in the dictionary and it said stealing was taking something with the intention of keeping it. I wasn't planning on keeping it." And I thought the kid didn't know how to use a dictionary. ;)

On vacation, I looked at Michael and said: "Someone needs a nap!" He replied, "You!" Not quite what I had in mind, but he was right---I did need one, too!

Well, those are some of my things, anyway!


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