Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hump Day

It's hump's some pictures from our week so far:

We are so blessed my husband has a great job with good benefits.  His company had their appreciation day at the zoo this weekend. The weather was perfect.  We had a fun time meeting up with some friends of JP's that he doesn't see as much since he's moved to a new department.  

Waiting in line...waiting for Mommy to go to the bathroom...too much waiting.

A really short carousel ride...I'm not joking.  I went to the bathroom as she was strapping kids in and when I came out it was over.  Short and sweet is how JP described it. 

My guitar-playing blues man...

Posture practice and crafts

Beautiful days...


  1. WIsh we would have run into you guys at the zoo! We got there after noon and didn't stay too long. It was a perfect day for the zoo!

  2. I passed Chad as we were leaving the food area...I looked around but I didn't see you guys. We rode the carousel and left right after that. So we didn't really stay very long either. The weather was nice, though!



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