Thursday, September 13, 2012

Random and Stray Thoughts

There has been a grasshopper in my mailbox for a few days...he hopped out this morning! YAY!!! 

My two older ones made a catapult on Daniel's top bunk. I love it that as Tera was describing the catapult, she used the word "fulcrum"!

I have my high school reunion coming up soon...I'm just a bit nervous and exercising a lot! Just being honest. 

My mom (a self-professed hoarder) has been cleaning like crazy. She's finally come to the point where she is able to let some "stuff" go and I'm so happy for her! I can't wait to see her house and not have to clean when I get there. 

I'm trying to print out a bunch of stuff so my husband can change both cartridges at the same time. 

I posted some music videos yesterday and just realized that they are totally off because of my blog set-up. Oh well! 

Tomorrow is baking day for the fair. We only have 5 recipes between Tera and Daniel, so I've already been planning out my strategies to keep from losing my mind. My main kid at a time in the kitchen! We'll see how it all works out.

 Extra desserts + 20th high school reunion = a very precarious situation 

We pick up everything on Monday. They've been working on projects since the spring.   I hope they do well. 

We've started using pedometers with the kids (Tera and Daniel)  as a tool to encourage a more active lifestyle.  If they get their x amount of steps per day...they earn extra time at lights out and if not- they don't get any video time.  They haven't missed one day getting their steps. 

I need a new hair style!  I usually let my hair grow really long and then chop it all off really short.  Then repeat.  My hair is really long and heavy, I'm ready for short hair again.  

I admire people, who can cut their own hair.  

I love Charlie Brown, but I think Flash Beagle is taking it just one step too far.  



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