Sunday, October 7, 2012


We continued with our "I" activities....

Playing with ice boats! 

Pipe cleaner and bead counting


Indian Corn and Ice Cream

I'm trying to do more hands-on things with Tera and we borrowed Janice Van Cleave's Math for the Everyday Kid from the library.  We worked through a couple of fraction experiments that had to do with radioactivity and the composition of air.  We are also doing some problem solving math over the next few weeks. 

I talked a few weeks back about trying to get Daniel more science experiment opportunities.  Since he just told us (in an impromptu speech) that he'd like to be a scientist when he grows up.  Well, this week I found an ice melting experiment for Michael and had Daniel set it up and implement it with him.  It was cool when I heard Daniel talking to Michael before the experiment.  He said, "Michael, which one do you think will melt first...A, B, C or D? I think this "one" will melt first."  Yay!!!  Scientific process at work...

"I" soft pretzel

"I" got a new haircut!


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